Launching SRVHUB for on-demand hair & beauty services

It was June of 2020 when I interviewed Brandan Burke, co-founder number 1 of 3 of what’s known today as SRVHUB.

Brandan & team were not only knee-deep in finding a new brand name for the company, going through the intense EforAll accelerator, trying to build a mobile app, and make sense of the greatest thing on all of our minds — a global pandemic.

How do you go from a whirlwind scenario when all of these elements are swirling around you and you don’t even know if getting in-home hair and beauty services will even cease to exist after we come out of the other side?!

Luckily for our South Coast community Brandan, Devaughn, and Grantham weathered the storm, launching their mobile offering this March 2021.

While we’re not clear of the pandemic yet, for better or for worse, it did bring some opportunity to the team seeking to empower the beauty professional through their support and mobile application.

In today’s episode, Devaughn and Grantham join us to provide an update on where they were almost a year ago, to what comes next for the South Coast’s latest on-demand mobile app service.

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