Brandan Burke on creating an on-demand beauty & barber app

Brandan Burke is the CEO of B.B. Cuts, a company aimed at creating an on-demand app for beauty & barber services. Think of GotChew (or Lyft) for your hair needs, delivered to your work or home.

Enrolled in the Summer cohort of EforAll, Brandan and his team are looking forward to the all of exciting milestones ahead. For a We Are Here first, we’ll have Brandan come back in 90-days after the program ends.

One of the most valuable areas of the EforAll program is the story arc young entrepreneurs create for themselves. Coming into the program thinking their business will launch the way they envision it, to seeing how much they change during the accelerator.

I’m looking forward to having Brandan back to see the difference. If you liked this episode, consider subscribing to the email list or leaving us a review on iTunes and sharing this post on social media!

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