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The Arts…

Art-going…heck, an art gallery…wasn’t something that was ever on my radar growing up, even with an artist as a neighbor.

Referring to myself as an artist…for doing a podcast? Not a chance.

However, you put me on a busy street corner with a lemondade stand, and I’ll turn it into a franchise.

So maybe artists feel like they aren’t business types either. The thought of selling out or taking direction from someone who doesn’t appreciate the nuances of the craft, isn’t why they do this.

But, we need eachother, artists and civilians do, to complete the circle of life. With local movements like Southcoast Spring Arts, we have a common place to meet and learn from each other.

I think what we’ll discover is that art is alive and well on the Southcoast and it goes well beyond what you might consider art. Stay tuned to hear from Jodi Stevens Executive Director for the Marion Art Center and returning guest Patti Rego Marketing Director at the Marion Institute and owner of WeLoveFallRiver.

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