The 5-minute podcast launch guide

Great news! Getting a podcast off the ground is easier than you think. Even better news? Throw that expensive podcasting hardware guide out of the window. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend investing too much money until you’re ready to 10x your podcasting game. My $69 podcasting microphone recommendation will do the trick, which is half the battle.

When can you replace the cheaper goods with higher-grade audio goods? If you are looking to produce a profitable and growing podcast, competing for your listeners attention will take some investment on your part to push things to the next level. There’s tons of great advice in my Complete Guide to Podcasting, which goes beyond the equipment and into the business of podcasting.

Now, let’s get into the 5-minute podcast launch guide!

Get a microphone

I reviewed the ATR-2100 USB Microphone already, as it still is the best value for your money and does a darn fine job at making you sound professional. The best part is, it plugs in via USB and if you ever upgrade to a mixer or audio adapter, it has XLR connections for that.

I recommend picking up a basic mic stand, because the tiny desktop mic stand it comes with is fairly useless, unless you stack a bunch of books underneath it.

Produce a solo show vs interview show

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get your show off the ground, do a solo show. Every time you introduce another variable into the mix — interviewing someone, adding in soundclips, etc — you’re increasing production time. The goal is to launch fast, and no one can do it faster than just you.

Make a plan for your first 6 shows tell your story, why you do what you do, what inspires you, who you want to help , and what your eventual goals are for the podcast or your business.

Recording software

If you’re on a Mac and you don’t want to install any software, you can open up QuickTime Player app and navigate to File > New Audio Recording and you’re off to the races. Most Macs also come with Garageband, which is a free audio recorder and editing suite.

If you’re using Windows, Audacity is a free recording and editing app that doesn’t look all that great, but gets the job done. This app can do the job for you even as your podcast grows or if you begin mixing in more tracks.

Hosting your podcast

Not all podcast hosting is created equal, yes, you do need to “host your podcast file” somewhere.

The easiest path to hosting a podcast for free is by using It’s easy to use, connects to all of the important podcast platforms like iTunes and Google, and has a nice mobile app. There is one big warning, however, and that is the service is owned by Spotify.

This might not mean much to you, but like we’ve seen with Google and Facebook, eventually the free things these big companies offer fade away — or the they change the rules. You’ve been warned.

Here are two other hosting alternatives that are paid, but are created specifically for podcasters:

I know both owners of these businesses and trust them to deliver a great service. I use Castos for the We Are Here podcast and the Matt Report podcast.

Podcast Artwork

You will have to provide podcast artwork which will serve as your show’s primary “logo” when subscribing via iTunes or Google. You can also create unique episode artwork as well. If you don’t have a graphic design tool at your disposal or don’t fancy yourself a designer try the free app Canva. It’s loaded with templates and easy to use!

The 5-minute podcast formula

Affordable mic + solo show topics + podcast hosting + podcast cover art

It’s all you need!

Focusing on these 4 areas is all you need to kickstart your very first podcast. I didn’t talk about having your own website or email list, both extremely important, but not necessary to launch. My task to you is get started, record episodes, and build up confidence.

Start with word of mouth marketing, and posting your show links on social media channels. Get people interested and then invest in web, e-mail, and proper conversion marketing later on.

If you found this post useful, please share it with others. If you’re thinking of starting a podcast and still don’t know where to start, reach out to me.

Don’t forget, I have a complete guide to podcasting which takes this topic and expands on it in greater detail.

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