The best podcasting microphone for your money

What are you going to spend all of your Christmas Amazon gift cards on? How about a single device that can help you grow an audience and become a sought after industry expert? Even better, it only costs (roughly) $69 US Dollars.

The best podcasting mic for your money is the Audio-Technica ATR-2100 USB/XLR microphone.

In this post, we’ll talk about why it makes sense for the beginner podcaster and for those of you that don’t have any plans to host your own.

Change your whole podcast marketing game for $69

Here’s the thing, if you’re like me, you’re always looking for the best.

Unfortunately, In the world of tech, especially audio/video equipment, the best generally translates to the most expensive. In the grand scheme of things, spending $69 on a USB microphone can change up your whole podcasting game.

“I don’t want to start a podcast”

Maybe you?

That’s great and all, but there are tons of brands starting their own shows and you’re missing a massive opportunity in promoting your business if you plan on sitting out on participating. Investing in a mic is going to make you way more attractive to a podcast host and their listeners aren’t going to skip over the episode because of how horrible your apple earbud’s built-in mic sound.

Those of you pursuing a podcast and haven’t recorded yet — just stop all research and pickup the microphone on Amazon.

Simplicity is key

I have a $400 microphone, which requires an $80 dB booster adapter, which uses a $20 XLR cable, which then plugs into a $200 mixer.

Right now, for most of my episodes, $700 of hardware is just collecting dust. Because the ATR-2100 uses USB and takes up a tenth of real estate on my desk, I grab it and go. Because I record episodes in different physical location, I grab it and go. For most of you, not having to spend a boatload on equipment makes the most sense, but also don’t overlook the simplicity of plug and play microphones.

The last thing you want to do is unravel a bunch of cables and set up 5 pieces of hardware every time you hit record. The ease of plug and play is welcomed on those busy days.

Content is king

Podcasting isn’t about the microphone you use.

The content and the story being told in your episodes is what really matters. Even if you don’t have the funds to splurge on the ATR-2100 right now, focus on publishing your shows and promoting to your new audience. Use the momentum to build up your audience and get comfortable with a new routine.

If you need help starting your podcast, read my book How to start a small business podcast.

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