Jennifer Potter: A South Coast babysitting service when parents need it most

If you had a business building crystal ball and it told you that a global pandemic was about to hit right before launching your business, you’d be crazy to keep going.

Especially if you were launching business around in-person babysitting, where your employees and customers were connecting in a home. The blessing in disguise for today’s guest, Jennifer Potter founder & president of, is that COVID created a whole new “Work from home” group of parents. A rift that caused the demand to find high-qualified but professional babysitters to step in and relive parents during a busy work day.

Needless to say, business is booming for the online portal of sitters here on the south coast — but not without it’s challenges. Let’s Dive in to Jennifer’s story on launching the brand, growing a Facebook group of over 5,000 members, and what’s next to drive traffic to her business in these wild n crazy times. 

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