Building the Communal Space New Bedford w/ Peter Walker

Nothing is going to stand in the way of today’s guest from achieving the success that he’s after.

Not COVID, not politics, and certainly not from a lack of hustle. In a time where you might be hard pressed to figure out how to bring people physically together to enrich their cultural, artistic, and business lives — Peter Walker knows how to do it.

He’s leading the development of the Communal Space NB — find it at: — It’s A Diverse Arts Cultivator Community Space and Modern Art Gallery.

We’re going to talk about today’s challenges of rallying around an opportunity like this and what his grand visions are for the space.

From social captiliasim, to branding, to sales, to Beyonce — we cover it all in today’s episode. Please welcome Peter Walker to the We Are Here podcast, I had an amazing time learning of the work and the effort he puts in every day.

His wife is pretty cool too. Okay, let’s dive into the show with the first question — from the outside looking in, does the south coast feel that fast paced?

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